5 Reasons You Should Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Schedule an annual chimney inspection if there is a fireplace being used in your home. This professional inspection looks inside of the chimney for signs of danger. The technician provides a detailed report of his findings so you can then make repairs, replacements, and improvements to stay safe all season long. At a minimum, you’ll likely need a chimney sweep to clean the roof. Soot and creosote can easily build in the chimney and increases the risk of fire. If you’re not convinced that you need this inspection, take a look at the top five reasons below to schedule the chimney inspection Maryland without delay.

1.    The National Fire Protection Association recommends that every homeowner who uses a fireplace in their home schedule an annual inspection to ensure that soot and other creosote are removed and that other dangers are not a threat.

chimney inspection Maryland

2.    When you schedule an inspection, there is peace of mind that surpasses you all winter long. You can confidently use your fireplace without worry throughout the season.

3.    Over 25,000 fires are caused by the fireplace each year. It is often a dirty chimney that causes problems. You can minimize that risk when you schedule a professional chimney inspection.

4.    Professionals are skilled experts who know exactly what to look for when they inspect the chimney. If there is any type of dangers, the experts can pinpoint the problem and make a fast, efficient repair.

5.    When you know that your chimney is clean, there is assurance and peace of mind that you are safe and secure. You have peace of mind and assurance when professionals inspect the chimney. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing everyone in the home is safely protected and the fireplace is easy to use.

Schedule your chimney inspection without delay and stay safe!